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That is exactly what it was doing Gaerek. However, if she can't shoot it too, it wasn't much use to us. She hasn't had any issues with the Taurus thus far.
As far as fit and feel, I really can't tell the difference between the 2. But I'm no expert on handguns either.
If you're happy with your Taurus, that's awesome. But I'd recommend the both of you taking some kind of hand gun class. Most of them will go over the basics of grip and stance, and it should allow your wife to shoot any gun, even the G26 without issues. Getting professional instruction is probably one of the best expenditures of money you can make after you've bought a gun. 4-8 hours in a class, you'll learn more and be a better shooter than if you'd just shot $200 worth of ammo without instruction.
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