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I thought the Army already had a high frequency of jams with the AR and that's why they were looking at piston drive.
this is complete and utter nonsense propagated by people trying to justify their purchases of $2500 piston driven rifles. SEAL teams acquiring a very small amount of HK416s was incredibly over publicized by HKs marketing dept to make their weapons more marketable, the US armed forces are not looking to replace the M16/4 any time soon and couldn't afford to do so even if they wanted.

ow Bid isn't always best. Remington has had issues keeping up Marlin quality. I gotta wonder how well they will fill a government contract?
this is also a half truth based on a completely different situation. Cerberus owns Remington, DPMS and Bushmaster, as far as I know FA versions from all three makers are available to law enforcement. This company is not new to AR15s.

do I think they can make the same quality M16s as Colt? probably not for the price they are giving but from what I saw on active duty, there was nothing special about the colts we were carrying, if money was no object I think a Seekins Precision, Larue, or other top tier company would be a perfect combat rifle but money is tight and unless the military is willing to give pay cuts to it's fighting men and women(which would undoubtedly cause security problems) they will have to continue to try and find better deals on their weapons.
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