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Make no mistake about it:

The only person with whom a visitor can converse told the visitor that his needs could not be met.

The visitor was a S&W sponsored competative shooter who lives locally.

That information given to him was faulty, and the delivery was brusque.

The gate staff represent S&W just as surely as the receptionist inside represents them. The representation this morning was less than customer-centric.

That customer went away with the impression that he needed to find a third party vendor to do the work.

It took six phone calls totalling over an hour to get to a live human who was able to assist in dispelling the bad information given at the gate.

This is an ISO certified facility... all answers to all questions ought to be the same, no matter who is answering.

With that said:

I'm glad I sorted it out, because I would really be less than pleased to need to go to an independant gunsmith for a refinish. Nothing is as nice as the factory work.


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