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FINALLY after another half hour of telephone tag I got thru.

Seems the SECURITY guards need a bit of training.

Customer service informs me that they had a 3 week (!!) BATF Audit and as a result they are no longer able to accept firearms "at the door" for other than warrantee repair or if delivered by a LEO for non-warrantee repair.

Individual owners are not welcome at the door to drop off repairs.

The guard sent my friend away with only the news that they would not serve an individual. He did not add the following: You can SHIP firearms in for repair. You cannot drop them off save for the above matters.

The Customer service rep indicated that they would retrain their guards, but "well, you know, they are only guards and what do you really expect...".

Also seems that BATFE was not too happy about the quality of the logbook for repairs... thus they are only accepting firearms by UPS, so leave that to be what it is.

Still not "completely" gruntled... but better.


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