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3 feet at 300yds that's, what, about 12 MOA?.
That's funny , I missed that oops . 3' or 3" what's the difference

I put this scope on the rifle as a temp till I can afford the better scope I have my eye on . This scope will then go on my Ruger American .
The scope is a Vortex crossfire 2 6-18x44 . I like the scope a lot . I have a 20 MOA base on it and the scope only has 50 MOA of adjustment so its almost bottomed out . I did 2 test with the scope to test the tracking . One test was to always aim at the center of the target and adjust the turrets 3 moa up and to the left shoot . Then back to zero and move them 3 moa down and right shoot etc etc . That 6 shot test the scope tracked perfect . 2 in the center and 1 in each corner . The other test was to make sure my reticle . anti can't level and rifle were all level to each other . I aimed at the bottom center of target . I took 5 shots and after each shot i would adjust the turrets up 3 moa . The shots went straight up the target 3 moa apart .

The only issue was at max mag 18x the scope got a little less clear . You could go to about 14x and the scope would still be crystal clear . I did almost all my shooting with the scope set at 12x mag . I don't have a lot of experience with scopes but I do know this is a nice scope for me
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