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My gunbroker listing

The Charles Daly on GB is my gun. It is indeed Italian made. It is a darned nice gun.
The other gun you posted on is a Citori, great gun. However the one you listed is a short barreled, fixed choke gun. The listing does not indicate the chokes. If they are mod or tighter Skeet will be a frustration.

They say the exception proves the rule, the Diamond series Daly's are a quality piece. These guns accept standard Remchokes+ you get the full assortment with the gun.

Here's the 411 on this gun AFAIK. These guns started out as the ill fated Winchester 1001. The 1001 got a reputation for blown up barrels and was pulled of the market. Daly bought all the remaining 1001's and went to Turkey to have new barrel sets made and fitted. Since the majority of the gun is Italian, it's marked made in Italy.

The guns were originally made by Marocchi, Marocchi's are being imported by a shop in Oregon, they have a good rep in other parts of the world.

The only possible down side to buying this gun is future parts availability. Daly sold their parts stock to Gun Parts Corp. They have some parts in stock for the gun. The receiver looks identical to a current Marocchi model. Don't know for sure if parts interchange, but I suspect they would.

This is a darned nice O/U, and an excellent deal. I just don't need it. My game is trap, which the Daly worked OK for and I shot a couple of 25's with it. I have since purchased a dedicated trap gun.
It's also very well cared for. I cleaned it every few hundred rounds. I store the gun broken down and use snap caps to relieve the springs. It's fairly heavy, I added weight to the butt stock that can be removed (lead foil) it weighs about 9.5 lbs. right now. Weight is an advantage in a 12 Ga. target gun.
Some addl. extras.......pair of Ext. chokes in Imp. Mod and Full. Morgan adjustable field recoil pad, and fiber optic bead.
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