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Disgusted with S&W "Customer Service"

Absolutely disgusted.

I lost my home in Hurricane Sandy, and of all of my firearms, only one was damaged. A S&W Model 25-2 that happens to be the handgun I bought on my 18th Birthday. Just a little surface rust, so I thought I would treat it to a new blue job.

Handed it to a good friend who is a competition shooter (shooting S&W Products as a sponsored shooter) and who lives 3 miles from the factory. Asked him to drop it off for a refinishing.

He tried to do so today, and was told that S&W only does two types of service work:

Warantee Repairs.

Repairs for Police.

No "civilian" repairs are offered. No refninishing, no work... nothing.

Unbelieving this, I tried to call their Customer Service phone number.
Three hours later... still never connected. I am giving up.

I am absolutely and most completely disgusted.



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