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Before our male scotty passed. That dog lived to chased backyard squirrels. As all three of us were relaxing on the back yard deck enjoying a late summers afternoon with a boat drink in hand for the wife and I. We had at the time with us a registered black scotty named Mr. Mc Duff (or Duffy for short.) Well, we all observed a rather large gray squirrel had entered our back yard via from under the neighbors chain link fence one occasion and he was headed in all possible haste towards an old hard maple sitting in the middle of our yard some 30-ft away on a straight run for him. (The distance between Us and the squirrel was about the same >some 25-30ft away.) Our Duffy must of thought he had that squirrel for sure. As the dogs little 5 inch legs would have been a blur in anyone's vision just'a scratch'en for traction over the top of that man made vinyl deck flooring. But somehow that nasty smiling dog he managed to cut that squirrels pathway in 1/2. Duffy met the squirrel head on and face to face. Mr. Squirrel stood up on its back legs and literally barked right in the scotty's face. (Less that 2 feet away from each other.) Doing that I think actually bewildered & froze the dog long enough for that squirrel to drop down again and proceed on his way directly to the safety of his tree. Ah yes Memories.

PScript: I think Duffy and perhaps the breed (Scottish terriers) would make excellent squirrel tree'in dogs. Very smart and easy to train they are.

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