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My words were
a prohibition against selling any U S martial arm in .30-06 caliber to civilians
"U S Martial arm" means rifle used by the U S military, not Remington's modified remakes of the M1917 action built up as a sporting rifle from the jump.
Had it been a total ban on all .30-06 rifles Bannerman could not have continued to market the Model 37.

Though the U S did not officially enter WW2 till after Pearl harbor in 41 the U S was supplying the allies with surplus military rifles, mainly the M1917 which they sold off by the tens then hundreds of thousands to Canada and Great Britian. 80,000 to canada at one whack.
When registration for a draft was implimented in 1939 and National Guardsmen were sent to Fort Dix for advanced training all 1903 rifles brought to Fort Dix were confiscated and the NG given M1917 rifles in return.
The Bannerman Special 37 was first listed in 1938.

How long this lasted I have no idea. A similar situation came about in Australia, with civilian owned .303 rifles being called in by the government, supposedly to be returned after hostilities ceased.

As for splicing bolts, thats a fairly straight forwards process, still done today when assembling shortened actions.
I don't know if the Model 37 was cock on closing or cock on opening. Literature says the bolt used a Springfield cocking piece shroud.
Cock on opening conversions of the M1917 action were available, and one or more versions of the Remington Model 30 were built to be cock on opening from the factory.
The bolt handle is obviously from the M1917 and receiver was from a Springfield.
If an unaltered M1917 bolt will fit a Springfield receiver thats the first I've heard of it.

Bannermans were past masters of splicing and rethreading of parts, and I suspect some stocks for their hybrids may have been purpose made using surplus blanks and old surplus profiling machinery.

Theres occasional confusion about the Bannerman Model 37.
This page.
Has a lot of errors because the author apparently did not realize he had a Remington Model 34 7mm rifle rather than a Bannerman Model 37.

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