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Was at my LGS yesterday pickin' up some birdseed. They are a hardware store along with probably being the largest gunstore within 90 miles. They are also a major distributor in the area for S&W. I know the owners and the boys quite well and took the time to go over to the gun area and say hi. They claimed reloading supplies were starting to trickle in, long guns and shotties other than AR and tactical types are readily available, but handguns were still spotty. They had quite a few larger Tupperware type pistols, several Taurus 1911s and a few revolvers in stock. When I asked what handguns could be ordered they told me they could order anything I wanted. But unless it was a long barreled Ruger revolver, not to expect it anytime soon. When I asked them about S&W availability, they said some of the airweight j-frame .38s were available from time to time along with some of the M&P 9mms and .40cals. He said some of the upper end 1911s were available also, along with some models of M&P 15 rifles/carbines. He said the rep told them on the last visit that they were working 6 days a week, but not to hold their breath waiting for L-Frames, N-Frames and X-Frames.
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