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Brass bulge - Chamber danger ?

I went shooting with a buddy the other day . He brought his new Cimarron arms 357 lever action to shoot for the first time . It seemed to work great and is really a nice looking rifle . As he does he gave me all his brass and while separating all the brass from that day I noticed what looks like a bulge in all his 357 cases . The bulge is about 1/8 to 3/16 up from the head . It does not go all the way around the case . The primers seem fine and the gun shot well and extracted fine . So what do you guys think I don't have any rimed center fire guns so I don't know if this is normal .I'm afraid the gun is unsafe to fire . The ammo used was some type of Hornady

in this picture the bottom case seems to have some head separation

At the bulge the cases measure 9.85-ish mm the rest of the cese is 9.68-ish mm I say ish cus they are not all the same but the bulge is .10 to .15 bigger then the rest of the case on all that were fired .
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