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Its accually not a range, they all head up to the mountains because they have a cabin and tons of land. They said they spend the whole day shooting clay birds. I suspect they are just the simple round orange ones. They have a machine to throw them and yes, they told me they go through the birds and shells very quickly so they each bring 5-600 shells and abouy 15-20 cases of i was looking at some winchester 7 1/2 shot shells, 2 3/4". They seemed cheap enough that i could purchase 2 cases of 250 shells each. They also told me to bring the rifles and pistols too. Im covered there, i reload for my .308 and .223 so i should be covered. I had a question about reloading nickel casings too but ill post that in the reloading forum. Thanx again for all the words of wisdom and advise. Im sure ill enjoy it just wanted to make sure im usingbthe right choke tubes so i can accually hit the birds
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