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Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I love my M&P, but I just can't see carrying it from mid-March through October.
I live in Southern Arizona and carry a Glock 19 all year round. I'm confident I could carry a 17 also, with no trouble (and have carried a Glock 21 in 100 degree weather with T-Shirt and Shorts, just to prove I could...). The trick, and I tell this to everyone, is dress around the gun. Get a good IWB holster (which you have), and wear a T-Shirt that's one size bigger than what you normally wear. If that's not practical (keeping in mind, that deciding to carry a gun is already a huge lifestyle change...changing your wardrobe a bit shouldn't be difficult), then I'd personally stay away from carrying the Taurus. Tauri are fine range guns, but I'd never trust one with my life.

I bet your wife would love for you to want to go change your wardrobe a wife certainly did.

I got rid of a Glock 26 because it kept jamming EVERY time my wife would shoot it. It would shoot fine with me but with her, it may shoot once or it may shoot 3 times. But it was guaranteed to jam with her.
A bit off topic, but was it stovepiping (spent casing getting caught in the slide) with her? If so, it wasn't the gun, it was your wife. She was limp wristing. Basically, the gun was recoiling, she wasn't holding it strong enough and there wasn't enough energy in the slide to fully cycle the gun. This happened with my wife's first gun. She'd fire it and it would stovepipe every other round. I'd fire it with no issues. She claimed it was the gun, I told her what she was doing wrong. She disagreed and got mad at me, so I asked a worker at the range to help her out...turned out I was right, but I was smart enough not to say, "I told you so." The couch isn't very comfortable.
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