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I'm going by memory of a Francis bannerman advertisement promoting his .30-06 hybrid rifle to target shooters.
The rifle was a mix of 1903 and M1917 parts, the bolt for example was a M1917 rear section brazed to a 1903 front section.
I'm no expert on mechanical engineering but something about that claim just seems completely implausible. you are combining parts from a cock on close rifle with parts from a cock on open rifle. you could not pair the rear half of a 1917 with a 1903 as the cams and guides would not lend themselves to proper cocking. similarly, you can not place a 1917 receiver in an 1903 stock and you can not pair a 1903 magazine well, floor plate and trigger guard assembly with a 1917 receiver.

I have attempted assembling rifles from piles of random parts and I have attempted pairing these two rifle types in just about any combo imaginable, it just doesn't work.

also, the remington model 30, which was essentially a sporterized 1917 was offered in 30-06, so a wide scale ban on military cartridges rings hollow.
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