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I'm a new gun fanatic, new to the forum & I need some help.

I have always owned guns but after my recent costumizing of my Ruger 10/.22 I have become fully addicted to any and all. I have a few shotguns but two that I want to do a little work to and I'm turning to you more experienced guys for some help.

I have an old Revelation 12 gauge that was given to me years ago. It has a pistol grip and the barrel has been cut. I am going to disassemble it and repaint it. I would like to add a pictanny rail to the sliding foregrip to add the chainsaw grip. But I haven't been able to find where I could find the chainsaw handle. Could anyone tell me where to look?

Also, I have a Mossberg 835 pump that I took in on a partial trade several years ago. It was pretty rough so I stripped it and did a camo job on it myself. I want to dissassemble it and turn it into a "tactical look" home defense gun. I want to add an extended magazine, full top rail light, collapsable & foldable stock. However, I have read where everything from the Mossberg 500 would fit such as the stock but I've also read where it wouldn't. Any help here?

Thanks for any and all help. I will post pictures as soon as my projects get rolling. I work in Texas in the oilfield two weeks at a time but as soon as I get home I will begin and I can't wait.

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