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I confess to being quite ignorant on the topic of holsters, so please excuse me if this is not addressing the question.

I had (until I sold the pistol) the IWB holser shown and used it with a Kahr CW40. It rode the pistol down against my thigh near my crotch. (The large flat area went against the pants leg.) It was comfortable for walking, standing, and yes even sitting.) I could draw from any position, even sitting. With most of my pants (and with my shirt tucked in) it was not discernable. I could draw one of three ways: (1) Simply reaching in, which was slighly slower or (2) having my hand in my pocket where I could push up on the barrel with my finger to raise the pistol, which made for a very fast draw or (3) by replacing the metal belt clip with my cell phone holder I could just lift the cell phone with my off hand, which raised the pistol right into my waiting shooting hand. The third method was how I used the holster most.

I liked the holster a lot, but sold it with the pistol. If I ever choose a different carry pistol of a similar size then I'll get another (if I can find the receipt to get me the manufacturer's name). Since I can't find the manufacturer's web site at the moment, I can't say if they make one that would also accommodate a mag'.
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