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follow up pics... nothing new yet ( I spend most of my time working on it ) back room is 3/4 paneled now, a couple more rifle racks up... got my milsurps up, there are 7-8 of them, that range from a nice 6.5mm Jap carbine ( with mum ) to my Garand...

ran into a couple issues so far...

1st, the corrogated steel is frosting above the foam board I've inserted onto the ceiling, on sub zero days, then melts & drips on warmer days... it's not a lot of water, but I don't want anything dripping on anything important... I expirimented by spraying foam directly onto the steel, on one section, that I warmed up good with a little space heater, & I think that will keep the ceiling from sweating, but I'll have to wait until spring / summer to make sure I get good adhesision to the steel... will have to cover everything with plastic, & pull all the foam board down, & spray the entire ceiling this summer

on my inlet air / exhaust ducting I only had time before the snow, to run my 4" PVC ducting out 5 ft, in which I put about about 1" drop in 5 feet... I got enough water off my house roof, that froze into an ice dam, that was 3-4" thick, & one day that everything was melting, I had about 15 gallons of water back run into the exhaust tube, before I got out there & chopped the ice dam, so the water could drain with the fall built into the yard... the floor is sloped nicely to the sump pit, so it didn't create any huge issues... it did get a couple rifles wet, so I had field strip & dry them, but they didn't get any wetter than if I were hunting in the rain, & I caught it right away, so it wasn't too big a deal, but definately something I want to avoid in the future... as soon as spring comes, I'll be adding another 10ft section to each inlet / exhaust duct, & putting an end filter on each, which should keep that from happening again... just need to watch the yard a little better as things melt again this spring

BTW... handguns are on a new style rack, that uses .025 cold rolled steel pins, that I've covered with blue heat shrink tube... these rods insert into the barrels, & up to the cylinders on revolvers... this style rack, takes up less space, holds more guns, & allows a good spot for engraved brass plates that will identify the make model & caliber... I've not done any brass tags yet, but I'm really bad with model numbers & it will help me remember all the info, if I'm showing them to someone... also on the autos, it allows me to keep the magazines with the guns...
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