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I've never owned a chronograph in some 40 years of handloading rifle ammo to shoot rifle matches. Used a friends once in a while some years go just to see what the velocity did as the barrel fouled and compare a given load's velocity from different barrel lengths. As far as load development, just used what others did that shot very well except for one new bullet that came out.

And yes, I have never got concerned about the "exact" muzzle velocity of a load. Any given load will shoot bullets out of a given rifle with up to about 100 fps spread in average muzzle velocity spread across several humans testing it from a bench anyway. So which human is the standard for establishing that load's muzzle velocity? That same load can also have a 100 fps average velocity spread across a dozen or more barrels of the same length. So which barrel is the standard for establishing that load's muzzle velocity?

I often think this "speed" thing is way overblown. And 99.99% of the time it's measured with a rubber ruler.
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