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I am prolly going to make the front sight and so I will likely be able to use a rear sight just building the front sight to match it.

I think my main concern is getting the barrel band to clear the sight if the Buffington is a good bit longer than the original design sight. I have a line on a Buffington but they are a good bit larger.

I also am a bit concerned about the condition of the barrel. It cleaned up pretty well but not perfectly.

I am told that the trapdoor shoots well even when the bore is not in great shape. The bore on my other rifle is a bit better, but we shall see.

I can say this: On my other trapdoor, the worst portion of the bore is at the muzzle. That was true of this barrel too. I think this comes from long period is inaction and inattention with the rifle standing on its butt plate.

When I cut the last ten inches off the barrel, a lot of the problems went away.

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