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After 30 plus years of marriage I have some experience on dealing with a wife and trying to teach her.

My advice is:

Get her to an instructor who works with women. When my bride came to me and asked about learning to shoot, I took her to Caswells of Mesa. Then i left her with the instructors and browsed the selection of merchandise. They evaluated her level and developed a program for her.

Purchasing a gun is a very personal activity. The weapon must fit her. Have her try as many as possible. Your pieces probably fit you very well. They may not fit her.

Caliber is also another issue. We generally look at the lighter calibers for women. That is not all ways the case. Once again let her decide. Some women can handle the big calibers than men.

My instructor was complaining one day that his wife had stolen his Model 29. It seems that she ( a very Petite lady) had been after him to shoot his snub nosed 44mag. He had refused believing that it was to big for her. She picked it up on the range one day and out shot him on her first try. She now carries it in her car as her primary defense weapon.
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