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Bruegger ...

I respect your opinions but you publically admit that you oppose the use of deadly force to protect your property. Isn't that a little bit of an open invitation to criminals? If you saw someone breaking into your home I suspect that your first reaction would be to notify the police. Would you ask them for help but please "leave your weapons at the station"? I am not materialistic but I disagree with the "things can be replaced" statement. I feel that this attitude has degraded the respect for the personnal property of others. I wouldn't walk into a bank and scoop up a wad of other peoples cash then turn around with a smile and say, "Don't sweat it folks, Hey it's just money, it can be replaced". I won't steal from others and I won't tolerate others stealing from me. I'm sorry, but I work too hard for what I own and I simply cannot afford an attitude as liberal as yours.
With reference to the original topic of this thread, I would not have shot at the kid, but I don't condemn the fella who did ...
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