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To scope or not to scope... For the beginner?

I would like to teach my little brother how to shoot and try to get him interested in firearms. However I was a self taught shooter who relied on the Internet and an army marksmanship journal. I also made the mistake of trying to plink with a weatherby vanguard 30-06 anyways I bought a marlin glenfield model 60 (22lr) for him but I'm concerned now that the sights might be a little basic. The rear notch is very small and can be very easily knocked out of alignment. I also think it would be important for him to learn to shoot with both eyes from the start. Anyways do you think starting with a scope promotes bad fundamentals?

Also on a side not do you think I should finally invest in some sort of reactive target for him to shoot? I kind of enjoyed punching paper from a bench and tried to see how tight of a group I could get but I'm not so sure about him, the age difference is significant (I'm 22, he's 14. My poor parents lol)
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