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Re: Re-thinking my carry/safety rules

Originally Posted by Gaerek View Post

Also, someone mentioned carrying a gun in Condition 2. I would only recommend this with a gun with a decocker, and in that case, (likely a DA/SA) it would really be considered Condition 1 (since a trigger press will fire a round, without manually cocking the hammer). If you've been doing this with a 1911, I really hope you've never had an ND...and I hope you never have one in the future. Lowering a hammer by thumbing it down and pulling the trigger on a live round is incredibly dangerous.
Its a CZ75 varient. I had an AD once in the desert, bullet hit about 5 ft in front of me. I was thumbing the hammer down as you said, and not totally paying attention. That was my wake up call. Since then, its always pinch the ring hammer between thumb and index and stay entirely focused until the hammer is all the way down.
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