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We need to be careful not to hijack the OP's thread. Whichever choice the OP makes, he will be familiar with his own rifle and if I understand correctly the rifle is for his own personal use.

I've let a couple shoot my CZ that aren't familiar with it's features. I haven't even mentioned the set trigger. For them it shoots and shot just like every other rifle and they were still impressed with the accuracy. As I think we have all said, it's all about the situation.

And when it comes down to the OP's end decision, I'm curious as to what the decision was, is, or will be.

Yes, the rifle is for my personal use. I'm a few weeks away from buying but have been brooding over this.

To give you a bad analogy, in my relationship I am 100% faithful. With guns, on the other hand, I am constantly looking around and wondering what I am missing out on.

However, I am leaning towards getting the model 70 featherweight under the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mantra.

The new model 70s are pretty awesome and I am thinking Winchester earned another purchase from me.

A couple of guys made a compelling argument too about the difference in expectations I would have for each gun.
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