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Tom Servo:

What you noted in your post is exactly on point, which is why I have been nagging people for years regarding the need, the importance of making yourself heard, as with that squeaking hinge is the one that gets oiled.

The opinion that wasn't voiced is the one that isn't considered. There is absolutely no excuse these days for not being heard, receiving a response is another story, your comments on that aspect are most likely on point. Elected things often have local offices as well as offices in the state or national capitol. As I've mentioned before, 1-866-220-0044 rings at Capitol Switchboard. The ladies who answer, most often it's a lady who answers, will connect callers with any congressional of senate office requested. Once there, you might speak with a staffer, or you might speak with an answering machine. Tallies are made however, and as the old saying goes, the really dumb question often turns out to be the one not asked.

People, make yourselves heard. The rights your voice defends are yours, and if you will not act in their defense, can you reasonably expect anyone else to so do?
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