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Galco ran a "holsters for heroes" or some yay America name for our combat troops who were "down-range" .
From 09/11/2001 to 2013 I've seen US armed forces, PMCs(private military contractors), OGAs(other govt agencies), and US/NATO member intel-sworn LE officers(MI6/GIGN/SBS/ONI/DEA/FBI/DIA/DSS/ISA/ACE/etc) wearing nearly every type or style of shoulder rig for sidearms(M9/1911a1/M11/SIGs/P-35s/Mk23s/revolvers) in SW Asia.
I think many US & NATO troops got custom holsters "in-country" or used what they purchased out of pocket(or what their family members/folks mailed them).

I recall US Army General Ricardo Sanchez, the CiC of combat forces in OIF(Iraq), wearing a leather WWII era brown leather tanker rig for his Beretta General Officer M9 9mmNATO.

I think it was just for show & to look macho because since the early 1980s, most US flag officers & VIPs are surrounded by PSD(personal security) 24/07/365. The US Army CIDC(criminal investigators) & the USAF OSI(Office of Special Investigstions Special Agents) protect most VIPs & generals-admirals in combat areas.
Spec Ops(ACE, DevGru, SEALs, Rangers, SF, etc) help out sometimes too.

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