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Ah, so they use laser sintering for the metals as well. The metal parts that I had made were also powdered metal, but the part was held together with a liquid binder, sprayed from a fairly conventional print head to hold the steel powder together until hardened in a kiln. That's where i had the shrinking & warping issues, but with sintering you probably won't have that happening. Takes a serious laser I imagine, especially for titanium.

The top 2 knives in my photo are sintered nylon plastic. The top is white that's been dyed blue after printing. The grey one is the same white nylon, but mixed with aluminum dust. The bottom one is a method that gives a more detailed printed plastic which is sprayed from a print head in liquid form, then hit with UV to harden before moving to the next layer.

Just producing springs would be silly, I agree. Though the ability to incorporate a functioning spring inclosed inside of a greater part in one printing session may certainly have some application that would be difficult or impossible by conventional means.

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