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Hmmm. I think that would depend on the situation and the game sought. For long distance shots where the set trigger gives an advantage, there is typically time to set it. For shorter shots or on moving targets the trigger in unset position isn't a good as others, but still quite adequate (IMO).

We'll just agree to disagree. If I have dragged a guy 5 miles into the backcountry and finally have him set up on a 6x6 bull at 200 yards that is getting ready to disappear into timber, I want to keep it simple. More than likely the rest will be improvised, his heart will be racing, hands even shaking, the last thing i want him to do is #1..waste time setting the trigger, #2 blow the shot by touching the hair trigger off before he is ready.

I can see the benefits of a set trigger if you are sitting in a shooting house overlooking a sendero in south Texas, nursing a cup of coffee or bloody mary waiting for a buck to step out.
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