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ripnbst- Thanks for the suggestions. She got a chance to handle a Bersa Thunder .380 and she likes it a little better than my LCP but I think she's a revolver girl. We are going to go to the lgs here soon and she wants to handle a LCR .22mag or .38 spl, a S&W bodyguard .38, and a Charter arms .38 spl. I have a Blackhawk .357 w/a 6.5" barrel that she has shot .38 spl loads through but thats not a good indicator of recoil in a much lighter, smalller revolver. I need to find somebody around here with a small .38 that will let her shoot it to see if the recoil is tolerable for her. If not she may go the .22mag LCR route. I know alot of women shoot .38s but she's only 5'1" and about 105 pounds so it may be a little much for her in a CCW.
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