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Form letters just got me form letter responses making it obvious my letter was not read.
Just because they don't get a response doesn't mean they don't have an effect.

When a controversial piece of legislation is up for consideration, politicians look for numbers. It works like this: HR 64265 is up for a vote. Senator Gribley wants to know what his constituents think, so he instructs his staff to count the number of letters he gets in support of it vs. how many he gets opposing it.

He may not respond, but he'll notice when he's got a smattering of letters in support and hundreds (or thousands) in opposition. He's going to take this into account when passing his vote.

Unless you live in a small town of 600 people, chances are Gribley (and his staff) simply doesn't have the time to respond. That doesn't mean we're not getting through.
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