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Carrying Form 4's (or F1's)

Interesting one for everyone..

I was at the range today and an RO came up to me and said, "I didn't know you were shooting a silencer, can I please see your class three license."

Didn't bother to have the argument that it's called a F4, not "class three license" since it's similar to the mag vs. clip talk- and he was an RO. Not to mention the "license" thing was weird. Sure thing boss, here's my form.

Then it got weird. The guy was very adamant that not only was I legally required to carry a paper copy, I was required by federal law to carry THE ORIGINAL copy. Then when I reminded him that I was being nice and playing by their range rules, since I'm not legally obligated to show that form to anyone but an ATF agent he had a different opinion.

According to law (as he reads it, and couldn't tell me what law), you have to show it to ANY law enforcement officer or they will promptly confiscate your NFA item. I say, uh no.. He says, uh yes. We go back and forth until finally I just said ok and let him have the last word and walk away.

It made me curious though, has anyone ever had someone come at them that persistently? Or in a way that the guy was citing laws you are fairly certain to be incorrect? Put me in a funk for a while, and makes me want to print the law to wave in his face next time. That and scan the forms to PDF and keep the copy on my iPhone

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