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So the near front quarter was all shot up ...... and this was "the plan". I also noted a hit back in the belly area ..... not part of the plan, but something that can happen when using a systen that randomly scatters projectiles, mostly in a pattern, but never 100% .....

Damaging +/-15% of the meat, on purpose, and standing a good chance of poking a hole/holes in the guts while you're at it is a bad plan, in my book..... especially when there are better options available.

While I have heard good things about the Federal Flite-Control loads, they still don't hold a candle to a rifled barrel and slugs, or better yet, a centerfire deer rifle for accuracy or lethality, when properly placed ......

I am not real sure why some folks place such a premium on "poleaxing" an animal- if you hit them in the lungs with an expanding rifle bullet or slug, they WILL die, and quickly ...... they might make it 100 yards on a dead run, but they don't run without a brain, and the brain does not work for more than a couple of seconds without oxygen, and O2 won't get there without blood- and a 1/2" or better hole through the lungs will spill all their blood out on the ground inside of 15-20 seconds..... makes tracking easy, as well.
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."

jimbob86 in Nebraska.

In Alabama, buckhshot remains legal and popular for dog drives, stalk and stand hunting. There are also few area restrictions on the firearms one can use to hunt deer. Those who choose to use buckshot do so because it works and in many cases is the superior tool for their hunting environment. Given modern shotshell/choke technology, and wider pellet size choices, buckshot hunters are not stuck with 1940's performance.

Nebraska has a totally different terrain than the Gulf Coast yet allows bows, spears, handguns and any single projectile smoothbore with or without sights for deer hunting. I find it ironic that many of those choices have no more effective range than today's Buckshot/choke technology.

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