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Jamming possibly solved

I got the idea that maybe the rim of the different ammo was too wide and hanging up in the bolt.
I took my micrometer and measured 5 rounds from each manufacturer group.
Old Remington (60 yrs) .268 to .274 (only 1 at .274)
New Remington .270 to .273
New Winchester Shorts .270 to .271 ( one at .275)
New German 22lr's .270 to .271
New Winchester Hollow pts .274 to .276 Most were .275, 20+ rds
I believe the ones giving me the trouble are the ones .274 and up. Today I had failure to load with the Hollow Points.
All rounds rims did not measure "round".
The German's were the most consistent.
The Browning bolt is machined with a slot that accepts the rim of the ammo. It is there the rounds hang up because you can push the jammed round up where it lines up with the barrel. If this slot is .275 wide then there is the problem. The loading spring is not strong enough to push it into correct position.
Now, do you blame the gun or the ammo ? I would hate to have to measure each rounds rim. I will call Browning first of the week.

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