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Have any of you been put off an entire brand because of a bad previous experience like mine with the CZ 75B?
Yes. I have not even looked at a Remington after I plunked down 2 1/2 times the cash for a 40X that I would have for a 700, due to those mill marks I discussed in my previous posting in this thread.

My entire perspective of the brand has diminished as a result of that experience, and I now view it as I used to view Savage, as a "Walmart" type rifle, of proletarian quality, where I used to see it as a premium brand. You might say I took that experience personally, I just don't trust them anymore.

-- That said, as a result of writing these words, and cogitating over your dilemma, I have decided to revisit my 20 year old judgment and see what Remington offers.
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