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8:30 am went with wife to Wal-Mart to get groceries and stopped by sporting goods. ( last month no one ever at counter at that time since they sell out by 7:30) Low and behold 2 guys at the counter. I ask them what came in since their bags look pretty heavy. Everything. Started talking and one guy was from Michigan buying 22lr and 9mm and the other guy was a cop buying 9mm and 40. I ponied up and got the bulk pack 225 round Remington golden HP 22lr for 9.95 a pack. After finding out what a hard time some of them were having I just offered mine to the out of towner and told him the gun show in 3 weeks would have more than he wanted. No big deal now I think there is more and more available by the week and if you can find at Bass Pro or Wal-Mart when the trucks come in prices are no higher.
Bought another 22 hand gun at last weeks show and had to go to their shop to pick up some extra magazines since the Walther only came with one. That shop I went to was called Shoot Straight and this branch was in West Palm. They had no shortages on guns that's for sure and prices were exactly what was at the shows but only want to sell ammo to those that purchase guns from them (makes sense)
Still cannot find mini mags and will buy them in 3 weeks at the show for sure.
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