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Is There an Unmet Need in the World of Bullets?

It seems odd to me there are no .224" bonded bullets in the length and weight to replicate 55 and 62 gr FMJ available as components. The Trophy BondedBear Claw is close but hugely expensive and only in factory ammo for LE. Same goes for the gold dots.

The idea would be to replicate exterior ballistics of cheap practice ammo but have a tough bullet that would hold up for barrier blind defense and hunting. Whether you agree with that use or not I guarantee you would sell all you can make for SHTF stockpiles and everyday hunting assuming it holds together on hogs. Call them Hog Hammers!

Right now the only normally available bullet that comes close are the Barnes TSX. You would want one that is tough and that replicates the exterior ballistics and reloading specs for each of 55 gr FMJ, 62 gr SS109, 69 gr and 75 gr BTHP. And cheap FMJ in 69 gr and 75 gr.

The idea is that you could develop one load and shoot to same point of impact with FMJ, BTHP, and bonded protected soft point like the Gold Dot. Right now I work up separate loads, even with different powders, for 62 gr FMJ, 62 gr TSX, and 69 BTHP. POI is off laterally by a few inches at 100 yds. So I sight in my scope for BTHP and remember the hold offs for the others. You produce a line of bullets that offer multiple designs in the popular weights that shoot to same POI and you win't be able to make enough.
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