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Jim K

I'm going by memory of a Francis bannerman advertisement promoting his .30-06 hybrid rifle to target shooters.
The rifle was a mix of 1903 and M1917 parts, the bolt for example was a M1917 rear section brazed to a 1903 front section.

I'll look around for the advert.

The advert may have over stated a difficulty in getting a proper Springfield rifle during the late 30's, but the Government was confiscating Springfield 03 rifles from National Guard units and refurbishing the rifles for combat use.
Some Guard units sent in beat up drill rifles and held back a few of their best 03 rifles.
Military schools such as the Citadel in South Carolina also had to return any Springfield 03 rifles they had been loaned as parade rifles, and received Enfields, probably M1917 rifle, in return.
Rifles already in the civilan market as sporters and target rifles were unlikely to be affected.
I have run across information on a rash of thefts of Springfield rifles around that time, a small black market seems to have sprung up.

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