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I ran some loads over someone else's once. Minimum load by the book, no possibility of wrong powder (only had the one kind) and carefully weighed on a beam balance, and I got an experienced reloader familiar with the calibre to double check for pressure signs (there weren't any). Two factory rounds over the chrony first as a reference, and then the handloads (my first ever) went over. Way over published velocity; in fact, higher than the published velocity for the maximum load.

It was the only time I ever used a chronograph, alas, and although I didn't repeat the experience, I'm convinced that I had a rifle which ran "fast".

Well down the track, I had to sell that rifle. I wish I'd never known how fast those bullets were going; it made parting all the harder.

Of course it's not just a matter of how fast, but also how tight - you might want to work on your loading technique to reduce shot-to-shot variation. But on a practical level this will be reflected in your group size, so once more, you might be able to do without it. Of course if you've got the money and you're curious, go for it. I cheerfully admit to buying weights and types of bullets I was likely not to need, simply to have a play around...
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