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My latest letter to reps in CA

I also sent it to my reps in Washington with a few changes


My names is ------ and I am writing you because I am concerned about the
new gun control legislation that was or is about to be introduced . I do not
believe new gun laws will stop criminals from doing bad things . I also don’t
believe any new gun control laws will solve the real issues . The issues I feel
should be top priority are . Mental illness , judicial discretion and family
values .

I keep hearing people saying things like these "ASSAULT" weapons must be taken off the streets . When the fact is they are almost never used in firearm related murders or shootings . In 2010 the FBI did a study that showed there were over 10,000 firearm related homicides in the U.S. that year . Of that 10k+ a rifle was used only 358 times . Of that 358 less then 100 were so-called ASSAULT rifles . Like I said less then 1% of all firearm related deaths in 2010 were caused by someone using an ASSAULT weapon .

Criminals don't care about laws , so making new ones will not stop any crimes . The young man involved in the CT school shooting did not buy the guns he used , he STOLE them and killed the legal owner just before going on his shooting spree . What law on the books now or being proposed would have stopped the shooting in CT .

YES as a nation and human beings we can't sit back and do nothing when 20
children get killed but banning weapons that are almost never used in crimes
while ignoring the real issues plaguing are society is a real problem for me . I
will not support and candidate that does not look at the real issues first
before infringing on my 2nd amendment rights .

I'm writing every member of the state senate and every state assembly member and asking you please do not support any new gun legislation at this time . I vote and I will volunteer to help others vote as well . I've always voted the candidate and not the party . I will not vote for any candidate that supports new gun legislation and I will encourage others to do the same . I will also be consulting the NRA grading system to help me out in the polling booth

Thank you for your time
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