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Ammo is available from Armscor or Cheaper Than Dirt along with a couple of other places. Due to the 22 TCM being a niche caliber, ammo availability hasn't seemed to be affected by the great ammo grab of 2013. That could change when the available stock of 22TCM ammo is exhausted. At which time, I could see one of two things happening. Either due to low demand of TCM guns and ammo, both are discontinued or due to demand of more popular calibers, the TCM guns and ammo production is set aside for the time being. Either one doesn't bode well for the TCM. I have one, and it's an interesting round. No loading dies are yet available, as far as I know, so for now it's strictly a factory ammo or sending your brass back to Armscor for them to reload for you. I find the round to be, ballistics wise, similar to the 218 Bee in a autoloader package.
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