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The Heritage revolvers I have examined....

....Have some parts made from "whitemetal" and then painted.

On the ones I looked at, this was true of the trigger guard and back strap.

In addition some older ones had the ejector tube and loading gate also made from whitemetal. I know that more recent versions have the latter two parts made from steel and then blued to match the revolver.

No problem here unless you handle the revolver a lot and then the paint wears off and the whitemetal shows through. My opinion is that is somewhat unsightly and cheap-looking.

They bear a striking resemblance to the Geroco Scout which I bought recently, made by Herbert Schmidt in Germany and then imported by Geroco. That revolver is browned rather than blued and the whitemetal parts will be replaced with Uberti parts as soon as my better half misplaces the checkbook.

Mine failed due to a broken hand pin and a worn cam. I made the pin and reshaped the cam and it is cycling like new.

Hawes parts fit mine and I have no clue what parts availability is like for the Heritage revolvers.

I agree with Shootin Iron. Get an Uberti first and then buy the Heritage as a second shooter.

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