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I use a 2500, but I do not shoot F-Class. If you want to know the wind direction, you can get a less expensive one and then get the weather vane mount and it will show you the direction of the wind.

As far as helping with the problem, it will get you a reading at the muzzle, but wind further downrange is still up to you. What I have liked using it for is when I am out and about on the family farm I will take a wind reading, and see how much that wind speed affects the vegetation. That way, even if I can't get a reading from my wind meter downrange, I still have a good idea of what speed the wind is.

Wind direction is a big deal as it could make a 10 mph wind only affect the bullet as much as a 5 mph wind. I prefer to just toss some grass to get an idea of the wind direction as opposed to spending much more money on a 4500.

My advice is to go with a 2500 and read wind direction on your own. Again, your Kestrel won't give you the direction of wind downrange, that is up to you to figure out based on environmental conditions. Relying too much on technology will keep you from becoming a good long range shooter (IMO).
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