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Now, 60 feet of drop seems like a lot
The other thing is how 60 feet sounds like a lot if you are standing right next to it. But even through a 25x scope, 60 feet isn't much at all if you are talking about 1760 yards away. Things look incredibly tiny through your scope at that range.

It's one of those things every movie seems to get wrong. In both directions. They show a sniper some incredible distance away, then he is looking through his scope and we see the reticle with him. And you can see the target talking and waving his hands. And the sniper puts the X right on his head. Which fills something like half the scope! (And it is steady as a rock. No gentle figure 8's or heartbeats from this sniper!)

Or they go the other way and show a "sniper" shooting at somebody 75 yards away. With a big scope. And when we see through the scope, the target is visible from foot to head. Making it tough for the "sniper" to make this super difficult shot.

Whenever the cops show up for the TV crime scene, you only have two choices. Either it was a drive by and the bad guys were spraying obviously full auto everywhere (which the cops will label as semi-automatic) or the bad guy is more than 50 yards away and fired just a few careful shots. In which case he is officially a sniper!

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