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I still have a 550 in 243 that is a great gun. I will admit accuracy has fallen some because of some many rounds fired thru it. I also have a 453 17hmr that is super accurate killed several pd with it. I had a 452 2lr sold it great gun just sold off a few guns lately. I still have a CZ Brno 22 that has the best action ever felt on a bolt 22 and super accurate. I have a 75b and a P01 9mm that to me are the best 9mm I ever owned and I tried a bunch from Xd Glock Ruger several others. I agree the new Winchesters are nice I like them. I like my CZ too. Had several other CZ pistols in lots of calibers just sold down to my 1911s and CZ 9 and Browning Hi Power along with couple wheel guns easier on the reloading and pocketbook I shoot my guns a lot not safe queens.

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