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Originally Posted by hornetguy
600 yards? Heck, I can't even SEE that far.

From the little I've studied it, the Grendel seems like it would be a dandy deer/antelope cartridge out to at least 300 yards, which is about 150 yards farther than MOST people should be attempting to shoot at them.
I'm just put off by the rather stiff price tag of one of the Grendel upper assy's...


I'm extremely confident shooting my Grendel past 1200yds on targets, but would never take a shot over 300yds on any game animal. I have rudimentary stalking skills so I can get closer.

IMHO the 6.5G in the AR platform is a outstanding hunting rifle. Light, accurate, reliable. Ammo is becoming more affordable as the G in now a mainstream caliber. Look at Brownells or Midway and you well see a large selection of loaded ammo, cheaper than .308.

Before the "Obama panic II" G prices were very affordable. Much cheaper than when I got into it. Alexander Arms was the main player and prices a bit higher.
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