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I know I am getting in on this very late in the game and I have not read the entire thread...actually I haven't even bothered to read past the first post but...

a beretta PX4 in 9mm might serve you well. I do not know what your dept reqs are but most SHOULD allow the PX4 for duty use. I prefer the Springfield XDM or Ruger SR9 myself but I must say that the lightest recoiling handgun I have ever fired was a beretta PX4. you may give one a try.

ok after glancing over the thread a bit, mainly looking for any amplifying info fro the OP, I am noticing a few things.

most service sized handguns are too large but you say that the compacts are too small? believe it or not, the glock 19 and 17 have the same sized grips, the 19 grips are just cut to shorter lengths, diameter wise however they are nearly identical. the same is true with the Ruger SR9 and SR9C.

what I believe may be happening is that the shorter grips of the compacts are cut to a length where your pinky finger dangles, this is a problem that many companies fix by offering curved magazine floor plates that extend the front of the grip to give your pinky a place to rest while still keeping the back short enough for concealed carry. this however would likely only go on to make the grips discernibly too large, much like the non compact models as the diameter is in question, not length.

I HATE recommending Glocks with a passion but since you seem to like the G19 with the exception of fatigue I would recommend a few more outing with it before making a decision. your problem is very much a problem with a lack of practice. many shooters that have not shot much, or do not shoot often will often become fatigued and their groups will open up over the course of a range trip. pushups do little to increase lower arm strength, which is where most of your accuracy comes from. wrists, forearms and fingers are the parts that most effect your ability to shoot accurately and do it over prolonged courses of fire.

in this case, practice practice practice is the best advice I can think of.
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