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Anyone who lives in a state that allows it, who wants to do the background check, pay the tax and pay what it costs to buy a transferrable full auto firearm can own full autos for personal use--without any licensing at all.

However, that is not what the thread is about. The thread is about MAKING full auto firearms for personal use.

The only way one can make a full auto firearm legally is to be licensed properly. The only way to be licensed LEGALLY is to demonstrate that you are in the proper line of business. The BATF is not going to allow people to get all the proper licensing just to play at making machineguns--licensees have to be able to show that they are actually in business.

Then, they can make all the machineguns they want. But they can only keep them and use them as long as they remain licensed, and they can only remain licensed as long as they are in business.

Most people would not define that as "making full autos for personal ownership/use" because that "ownership/use" is only allowed because of the licensing and the licensing is only allowed because the person is in a particular business. Business use is sort of the opposite of personal use.
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