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"Buckshot is a bad idea for deer, particularly if you are interested in eating the animal- note in the video provided by RMcL that there are hits all across the deer, including at least one in the guts.

If your goal is good tasting meat, then shooting up the eatin' parts and poking holes in the poo pipes is a bad plan.

One hole through the lungs will kill them, without the mess. Buckshot scatters hits randomly ...... making it all but impossible to do just the damage necessary ......" jimbob86 - From Nebraska


First of all, in the video it is apparent to this Southerner, the pattern was centered on the junction of the neck and body. This common aim point places the pattern in neck shoulders and lungs. Most deer struck with half or more of the pellets in typical buckshot hunting load, centered in this area, drop as if poleaxed. As with any conventional shotgun load, the minimum pattern/maximum range of the gun/choke/load combination must be determined through pattern testing.

Here is another video of a Buck taken with Federal 3" Flite-Control 00B. See frame 3.50 for the shot and 6.4 for the recovery of the Flite-control wad.

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