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The Sportsmans Warehouse that I have been haunting lately gets their shipment of reloading supplies on Friday morning each week. All of the frustrated reloaders have figured that out, so every Friday about 9:00 they start showing up standing in line for a couple of hours. I drove into the parking lot about 11:30 yesterday and there was a steady stream of people going in and coming out. Those coming out were carrying plastic bags of powder and bullets. Primers are weird---every week they get large rifle or large pistol, and of course the customers are waiting to grab a couple thousand and head for the checkout. Why no small rifle or small pistol?

The shooting range is almost empty sometimes when we go over to shoot. Before this shortage thing go started, sometimes we had to share a lane, and once in a while we had to wait for a lane.

I stopped by JAX the other evening after a late shooting range session, and they had some Trail Boss. I bought a couple jugs. It is tempting to get a lot of stuff, but dang it, that is why we are all having a hell of a time finding supplies---some guys are grabbing everything they can afford.

Hope this slacks up fairly soon. Summer isn't far off.
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