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Auto426: FPSRussia isn't really that bad. I would he would drop the fake Russain accent, but he shows off a lot of the crazier things you won't find anywhere else, and he does it safely and responsibly.

Hickock45 is probably the best representative for the YouTube gun channels there is. His videos are excellent and he's a big advocate for second amendment rights, usually showing up at the various rallies and such in his state to help the cause.
I admit to liking his channel a lot, but he is not safe and responsible. I believe that one of his cameramen recently died due to his lack of safety. My reason for believing is that his last video he mentioned something happened with his friend and at the end there was a "in memory of..."

In a recent video, Kyle (FPSRussia) almost got killed by a truck door after he made the truck explode about 50 feet away. He shoots without hearing protection, has swept his cameraman before, and many, many other things.

Hickock and MAC are my favorite channels for firearms videos. I hate Nutnfancy, I don't think there needs to be two hours of video to review a Mosin. And a middle aged man talking like a fourteen-year-old pre-pubescent kid doesn't help either.
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